Homemade vegan coconut ice cream to cool you off


The spring and thus warm days are very close… I thought why not to experiment with ice cream. And here it comes – vegan coconut ice cream. Also, to whoever follows my posts: I apologize for my disappearance – had to steer in a different direction for a while.

Probably because frozen bananas taste a lot like dairy ice-cream they are included virtually in every vegan ice-cream recipe. While coconut makes even spoiled stuff taste bearable. That’s a winning combination! Hence, I included both in three different kinds of ice-cream that I tried to make. In the first one, in addition to bananas and vanilla extract, I put coconut flour. In the second one, I put coconut meat instead. And in the third, coconut water. According to my non-vegan sister, the one with coconut meat has a texture and taste closest to the regular ice-cream. I have to be honest though, she was not in great awe from it either (very picky girl). My opinion is it came out delicious enough to share with others!



Homemade vegan coconut ice cream - ingredients





You will need

  • whole coconut
  • bananas
  • vanilla extract
  • raspberries (to put on top)








  1. Blend 3 bananas and few tablespoons of vanilla extract in a blender.
  2. Once blended, add fresh coconut meat and blend until the mixture is thick.
  3. Put the mixture into small molds and let it sit for an hour or two in a fridge. Don’t hold for too long, otherwise, the ice-cream may become too hard.
  4. When done, take the ice-cream out of the molds. Finally, put shredded coconut and your beloved berries on top.
  5. Then get out into a patio and peacefully harvest your efforts!



Homemade vegan coconut ice cream - ready dessert



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