How to detox your body effectively, radiation including (and not forget pets)


Today, you will learn how to detox your body from majority of toxic substances. Including heavy metals and radiation.


But first here is a riddle for you:

  • In nature, when an animal or bird ingests a toxic plant or any harmful compound from human activity, it urgently starts to look for this substance
  • It has been used by humans internally since the Stone Age
  • Today, the leftover parts of nuclear reactor at Chernobyl are buried under the layer of this substance


What do you think that is?

Clay! Virtually the mud that you step on, when hiking, for example. According to Bible, the first human was made from clay…

In childhood, during the summers in the countryside I made dinnerware sets from red clay. They were cute collections of small dishes and cups. They looked a lot like prehistoric artifacts. To my dismay, no matter how hard I tried they could not hold water, and cracked when I put them in fire.




What is clay?


Mountain of clay

Like I said, you most likely encountered clay in nature. To put it simple, clay is fine-grained mud that comes in all shades of grey, red, white and green. It can be in a form of either dirt or rock. You can find it in exposed rock formations, rivers, and lakes.

Clay is composed of clay minerals, metal oxides, and organic matter.

Just a bit of geology and chemistry for a minute:


Clay minerals

They usually form when silica-containing rocks react with carbonic acid. You can find small amounts of carbonic acid in solution that has dissolved carbon dioxide in it. For example, carbonated water.


Metals oxides

These are compounds that contain at least one atom of oxygen and one atom of metal. For example, when an atom of oxygen and an atom of magnesium unite, the resulting compound is magnesium oxide.


Organic matter

It’s just animal or plant matter in various stages of decomposition. 




Types of clay


It is hard to categorize different types of clay. Its composition varies a lot. However, depending where it is found or mined, four clay groups are generally recognized. Three are used for health purposes. They are kaolinite, smectite, and illlite.




Illite (clay group)


How to detox your body naturally - clay

Real French green clay IS green

In today’s post I will talk about illite clay group, and leave the other two for later.

Clay belonging to illite group does not expand in water. Here is something you might be familiar with. Every year landslides around the world take lives away. The reason they happen in the first place is soil in those places contains clay that expands upon contact with water. So, when it rains a lot, more and more water is absorbed by that clay. The more water is absorbed, the heavier the soil becomes. Eventually the soil becomes so heavy that it gets pulled downwards by the force of gravity. Which leads to heart-tearing consequences.

In health field, the most notable illite clay is French green clay.

Like all clays, French green clay has a variety of external health applications. But today I will focus on its internal use.




French green clay and its ability to remove harmful substances from your body


Similar to other clay types, French green clay has ability to neutralize toxins. Toxins that arise as a result of your poor dietary choices, harmful chemicals you clean with, and all kinds of contaminants you get exposed to outside. However, what distinguishes French green clay from other types is its ability to fight the most feared and hard to remove contaminant – radiation. Specifically, ionizing radiation. The one that is known to cause mutations in human cells, which sometimes may lead to cancer.

Okay, let’s omit nuclear accidents and nuclear weapon testing, which I hope you will never encounter, and look at radiation sources you get exposed to everyday. Unfortunately, today, radiation sources that people are exposed to were mostly unknown 50-60 years ago.

See for yourself. All these emit ionizing radiation:

  • medical procedures such as X-rays and cancer treatments
  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • X-ray security systems
  • residential smoke detectors
  • combustible fuels such as gasoline in cars
  • electronic devices such as cellphones
  • plane flights
  • tobacco smoke


There is no doubt that nearly every day you get exposed to at least three of the above, thus allowing radiation to accumulate in your body. My question to the official medical community: why are you still surprised that the incidence of cancers since 1950s radically increased? Such outcome can only be expected.

How to detox your body naturally - the nuclear reactor after the explosion

Chernobyl. The nuclear reactor after the explosion.

French green clay is quite amazing at neutralizing radiation. So amazing that Chernobyl nuclear reactor snugly lies specifically under a pile of French green clay! For your info, radiation that the reactor emits still exceeds safe levels by 25 times. Also, here is one interesting fact after the explosion. The Soviet government added French green clay to chocolate bars, and also made it available for public for free.

Using hair analysis, Dr. Hull showed that in human body French green clay can neutralize radioactivity coming from the following radioactive elements: uranium, plutonium, radioactive iodine, cesium, technetium. In as little as 6 weeks!

In addition to radiation, green clay also removes heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and aluminium. In fact, in environmental clean-up, green clays (there are other types of green clay) are successfully used to remove heavy metals from contaminated industrial wastewaters. Plus, with similar success French green clay eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in the body.

French green clay has a myriad of other beneficial effects. For example, it balances pH, inhibits inflammatory reactions, prevents the growth of tumor cells, speeds up the recovery from soft and hard tissue injuries.

The clay is called “French” because originally its deposits were found in France. However, today it is also mined in southern US, India, and China. And it is called “green” because of the presence of iron oxides and decomposed kelp (seaweed). Some iron oxides may be greenish in colour.




How French green clay works in your body


In a living organism, green clay acts in two ways. As adsorbent and adsorbent.

Adsorption is when clay attracts harmful substances to its outside structure. This happens because clay particles are negatively charged while radiation particles, and other bad stuff, are positively charged. In this case, clay can be compared to a magnet.

How to detox your body naturally - clay and toxin

Clay particles and toxins. Source: www.

On the other hand, absorption occurs when clay particles draw harmful substances into their physical structure. Here, the effect of clay can be compared to a sponge.

While removing harmful substance from the body clay does something else. It supplies your body with beneficial minerals and elements. And it does it according to your body state at that specific moment in time. In other words, a not so-healthy, elderly individual would get a different amount of magnesium from ingesting green clay than a healthy teenager, though the amount taken by each is the same. So, as you may guess, French green clay contains organic forms of the following:

  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • manganese
  • zinc
  • aluminum
  • silicon
  • copper
  • selenium
  • cobalt


Because the elements are in their organic forms, your body can easily absorb and assimilate them.

And also, unlike bentonite clay (belongs to smectite group), when taken internally, French green clay is better. Because it won’t give you digestive problems like constipation.




How to take French green clay? Stick to Dr. Hull’s Radiation Protocol


If you never ingested clay before, Dr. Hull in her Radiation Protocol recommends taking French green clay the following way:


First 3 days: 1/3 of teaspoon
Next 3 days: 2/3 of teaspoon
Day 7: 1 full teaspoon


How to detox your body naturally - child and clay

He sure loves it

Mix the doses in a 240 ml glass of water (about 8 ounces). Drink  three times per day on the empty stomach or 20 minutes before eating. The clay is more effective on the empty stomach. But if for some reason you can’t accommodate the “empty stomach” requirement, just drink the clay water throughout the day as you would water. Works just as fine.

Here is the thing. Simply because you are exposed to harmful substances every day you can and should drink clay water every day. I find it easy to drink. It got a very pleasant earthy taste and smell. You will feel like it just rained outside and everywhere is that irresistible, refreshing smell of clean concrete 🙂

If you are under 18, reduce the above amounts by half.

If you notice any weird effects decrease the amounts by half and see how it feels.

Also remember this. Because green clay removes heavy metals, when preparing your muddy concoction avoid any contact of clay with metal surfaces. Instead, use ceramic, wooden or glass containers/cups. Otherwise, clay partly loses its healing properties.




Where to buy French green clay


I would advise you buy French green clay from Walter Badet. He ships to many parts of the world. He is one of the few experts on French green clay. In fact, the first time he tried it was in early childhood! He is constantly on the quest of looking for the superior-quality clay. Actually, green clay is the only type of clay that he deals with. What’s more, is that he was born in France! And spends at least a few months per year there. This is what he writes:


Growing up in Provence, South of France, the use of green illite clay was a part of our lives. Mom made me drink it, would spray her plants with a clay/water solution, it was given to dogs, cats, horses… internally and externally.


Now, this clay makes not only human lives better. But animal ones as well

In fact, on the Walter’s website, you will find more than several studies on how clay recovers horses from musculoskeletal injuries, for example (he loves them). In much the same way, you can use it on dogs and cats. On the site, check out the case studies (on the right), how to make a poultice, feed the clay to your pet and lots of other stuff. Recently Walter added a story about Pixar. A story of a healed 2-year-old horse whose leg was seriously damaged by the fence gate.


If you like me and live in Canada you can get clay from Herbie’s Herbs. This is the only place that sells real French green clay (that I could find). It’s physical location is in Toronto. If buying it online, get it here. Overall, in Canada and US it is not easy to find French green clay suitable for internal use. Not fair. Europe is better in this regard.


It was a long post. But I think you would agree with me that your time was well spent. Because this lovely mud can do wonders for you and your furry friends. All the best with experimenting the clay on your aches!

Also, could you do me a favor? If you know any other effective ways to remove radiation from a body, give me a shout. You can do it in the comments section below. I would appreciate it.







Main references:
Carretero, M.I. (2001). Clay Minerals and Their Beneficial Effects Upon Human Health. A review. Applied Clay Science, 21 (3-4): 155-163


  1. Fascinating. Great job bring the benefits of this clay to light. I have never heard of it before which is a shame as I have researched detoxing from time to time over the years. I can see how the benefits could be extraordinary. There is one concern I would have. In your article you explain how the clay absorbs toxins but there is nothing about neutralization so I’m assuming the toxins stay within the clay. I would then imagine one would need to be careful of the source the clay came from . If the site of the clay deposit was toxic itself wouldn’t the clay then hold the toxins from that area?

    More information on this would be very welcome.
    Thank you so much

    • Thank you for you visit Bri. You have a very good question!

      No, once a clay particle absorbs a harmful substance, say, glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, a popular but toxic herbicide, its properties are altered to the point that it becomes neutralized no longer posing a threat.This complex (clay particle and glyphosate compound) moves through your digestive tract and gets safely eliminated.

      Does that answer your question?

      • When the clay particle enter deep your brain this complex neutralise deep thinking you mean like this help? Maybe Monsanto change you not?

        • Shirley,

          Many thanks for asking.

          I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly.
          But clay doesn’t enter your brain (it does not cross blood-brain barrier) and thus it won’t alter your thinking directly.
          Having said that, note, that your thinking SHOULD BECOME clearer as a result of detoxifying your whole body with this wonderful clay.

          Could you please rephrase your Monsanto question?

  2. Mаргарита привет!
    Мне очень нравиться твой вебсайт. Информация интересная и познавательная.
    У нас была геологическая практика в Крыму и нам преподаватели говорили, что белая каолиновая глина добавляется в колбаснйе изделия на местном заводе, помню мы очень удивлялись.

    Нашел вебсайт об этой глине:

    Можешь сама найти информацию на “” о глинах задав поиск: “КАОЛИНОВАЯ глина в Крыму”


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