How to respond to obstacles & undesirable events?

How to respond to obstacles? And undesirable events?
As if they are a rock in the middle of highway!
For example, if you were driving and you saw a rock in the middle of highway..
You are all peaceful, you’re happy, and you’re cheerful, you’re enjoying the journey…
And then you see this huge rock…
What would you do:
Would you start being depressed?
And be sorry about yourself?
Asking, why this rock is here?
Why is it happening to me?
Did I deserve it? I did not  not deserve it!…
And all this kind of stuff…
No! What you would actually do is you either would drive around the rock.
Or you would get out of the car and remove it from from your pathway.
That’s it.
And then you would continue your happy journey, with peace and
gratitude to the Universe.
Stay happy.


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