Hundreds of suggestions out there… Whose raw vegan advice to trust?

Hundreds of suggestions out there....Whose raw vegan advice to trust

Getting lost in raw vegan advice may feel similar to getting lost in this labyrinth (Greece)

There is so much raw vegan advice on the Internet that being lost is natural. Who do you trust, what should you do?

I’d say trust everybody and nobody. By that mean, explore what long-term raw vegans suggest (and short-term too) but tailor that advice to yourself.

“Listen to people but have your own mind :)” says Belarusian proverb (literally translated).

You want to ‘have your own mind’ because everyone has their own truth.

What we perceive with our five senses is the reflection of our current physical, spiritual, and mental state. It’s also reflection of our subconsciousness, which for the most part we themselves don’t know well. (Unless we dig into our past, out heritage, our ancestors, etc.)

So, the truth is different for everybody, and that concerns everything in life, including what you put in your mouth.

A couple examples:


1. You hear that somebody says that you can’t really eat grains on raw veganism

If you look closely what grains they tried to eat and how they prepared them, you would understand why they made such a conclusion.

They only tried sprouted wheat and rye, which gave them digestive disturbances. They also tried to sprout brown rice for 3 days but it didn’t sprout (brown rice take at least 5 days to sprout).

So, for them ‘you can’t really eat grains on raw veganism’ is truth.

For you this might not be true. You might have tried sprouting wheat as well, and your stomach didn’t do well either. Or maybe it did do well since your stomach pH is higher and your have higher level of amylase in there. (Amylase is an enzyme that digests starch found in sprouted wheat and rye).

You also tried soaking brown rice and then fermented it, and it came out delicious and filling. Plus you tried sprouting buckwheat and quinoa, which also worked well with your stomach and tastebuds.

So, for your ‘you can’t really eat grains on raw veganism’ is not truth.


2. Or one guy swears that veganism is dangerous because it almost killed him after being five years on it

The chances are, it did almost killed him.

If you examine this guy’s diet, he had very little foods with vitamin B12 since he went vegan. And friendly bugs in his gut were not very good at synthesizing vitamin B12 either. Neither he took any vitamin B12 supplements.

This is while vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to serious nerve damage, and that’s what happened to him – he ended up in a hospital.

But you story is different. You started takingĀ methylcobalamin – an active form of vitamin B12 – almost right away after eliminating animal products.

So, for this guy ‘veganism is dangerous’ is true. For you it’s not.


3. Others say that superfoods are a must to achieve the true health on raw veganism

If you examine the former diets of these people, you might find that they had little variety in their diets. They had a few staples (such as rice, bread, chicken) and very little greens and fruits. They felt decent but not quite there.

But now when they eat spirulina or chlorella, they feel energetic and nourished. This is not surprising – their body finally got a hold of beta carotene and phosphorous for which their body was craving for years.

However, when you have spirulina, you feel don’t much difference. Because thanks to those greens and veggies your body always had access to them!

So, for this group of people ‘superfoods are a must to achieve the true health on raw veganism’ is true. For you? Not so much.


So, as you can see, the truth, and what’s right about raw veganism is different for everybody.


Like with shoes, there is no one size that fits all. So, no one form of raw veganism fits all!

Yeah, a group of ladies might wear identical size of shoes. Say 9, for example. And the length of their feet can be very similar and even identical. However, depending on the shape of their feet, the surface they are walking on (concrete vs soil), where the wear it (inside vs outside), with time shoes change their shape depending on the characteristics of the ladies’ feet, walking surface, etc.

There is no point to waste time and look for perfect shoes. What you need to do is start wearing whatever shoes seem to fit the best. Then in a couple months or years it will be hard to part with your shoes because now they fit you perfectly.

The morale of all the above blah-blah?

There is no point to look for a perfect raw vegan diet. Start following raw veganism that makes sense to you at the present moment. With time your mind and body will adjust your diet. And you will find that years later your diet will work perfectly for you.




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