Is a vegan diet extreme?


For you, is a vegan diet extreme? Would you consider it an extreme lifestyle change?

I was going through my old papers yesterday and came across this picture.

I got it in 2014. When attending the University of Calgary lecture given by Brian Clement. Brian is one one of the directors of raw vegan Hippocrates Health Institute.

Now, what do you see?

For this guy whose health needs some serious maintenance a vegan diet “sounds pretty extreme”.

However, by the looks of it, “a triple bypass surgery where [they] take a vein out of [his] thigh, and open up [his] chest so that [they] can sew the vein onto [his] coronary artery” is not extreme for him.

A 100 grands and 2 months of bedridden life is not extreme for him either.

But eating only grains, fruits, nuts, veggies, and greens is.

Unfortunately, that’s what many people would think nowadays.

You can’t blame this guy.

What’s wrong? How did we end up with such beliefs?

I think the problem is in societal norms, education, the bringing up of children.

If you’ve been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast since you were 5 and told it’s healthy, at 60 years of age, smoothies for breakfast would sound funny and “devoid of protein”. Even at 25, if you haven’t had the right health-related experiences / education.

This situation is more profound in North America than in Eurasia. Especially, in Canada and US.

Why so? Why we are less than other countries exposed to the”right” info?

I don’t want to give this conversation a negative connotation but the main reason we know less than other countries is because private governments want this. Healthy people full of energy and ideas promote their own individual progress. Not the progress of US multi-billion pharma corporations.


Not to leave you on the depressing note, here, treat your eyes to these vegetarian Indian meals 🙂


India is the country with the greatest number of vegetarians & vegans per capita






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