Made some rowan berry coffee – came out all right and foamy (but not raw)


Made some rowan berry coffee - came out all right and foamy (but not raw) - roasted

Dehydrated & slightly roasted

So, yes, this rowan berry coffee came out not bad. As I said in the post about it, I wanted to make something from these things. For the sake of having fun and getting some of their preciousness into the body!

Wine?..When I looked into how to make a rowan berry wine, oh my, the recipes are so long and complicated, and it takes an eternity (some say 2-3 months). And also, when I asked my mom how she did it, it turned out that she made wine from the viburnum berries! They look almost identical, which was the reason behind my confusion. Anyways, I chose the easy one – coffee.

On one of the Russian sites, to make it, it says that you need to roast the berries. Because I wanted to make the drink as raw as possible I decided just to dehydrate the berries…

It was a long process. Altogether, I’ve been dehydrating the berries for roughly 15 hours. Along the way I was grinding some and brewing the powder like tea in hopes it reminded coffee. But every time the drink tasted sour, a little bitter, and not coffee-like. I figured there is nothing left to do but to roast the berries slightly. At the end, roasting is what make coffee beans taste like coffee. So, I held the berries in the oven at 150 °C for about 1.5 hours. And voila! It out came similar to these coffee substitute drinks. You know, these natural ones, with the roasted rye or chicory? Something like Bambu? It even created a foam! With a eye-exciting red clay colour

So, here is how to make it, while trying to keep the nutrients as intact as possible. The resulting drink is not raw of course, but still.





How to make yourself a cup of coffee from rowan berries


Made some rowan berry coffee - came out all right and foamy (but not raw)_ground


1. Harvest rowan berries (they are still around). You can clean the berries at this stage but just before roasting works as well. Then rinse them

2. Dehydrate the berries in a dehydrator or “keep warm” mode in the oven for 15 hours or until the berries are hard and crunchy

3. Then place the berries in the oven and roast at 150°C for about 1.5 hours

4. Grind the roasted berries in a coffee grinder

5. To make a cup, use 2 tablespoons of the powder and brew it just like tea




What you get is quite a cozy coffee-like drink. Sip it while reading a book and hearing the weather howling outside! BTW, I love its deep red clay color – a feast for the eyes.




Made some rowan berry coffee - came out all right and foamy (but not raw)_brewed





















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