More celery root benefits (aka celeriac) for raw foodists


More celery root benefits (aka celeriac) for raw foodists

Started to sprout, so adorable

Last week I went through a couple celery root benefits. There are a few more that I’d like to go through.

All these benefits make celeriac a good staple veggie. Especially if you like your food wholesome and simple.





In addition to calcium and magnesium, celeriac is also rich in potassium and sodium, which are all electrolytes (1). Therefore, it’s nice to chew after exercise. Or in general when you have salt cravings.

Consequently, due to its salty nature you can use dehydrated and ground celeriac in place of a regular salt. You can do the same with a regular green celery by the way. Both are great options if you avoid or limit inorganic salt (any solid salt; like sea salt or Himalayan).



B vitamins


It’s a good source of B vitamins (1). They help to convert all the green and lively food in your stomach into energy to keep you running all day.


Vitamin C bomb


Although you must be exposed to loads of it every day, I think I should bring it up.

Celeriac is a vitamin C bomb (2)! If you are healthy this nutrient will prevent you from an annoying wintertime cold. But overall, vitamin C contributes to a bulletproof immunity, which is necessary to ward off many conditions and diseases.

A personal note here: the last time I had a flu was 3 years ago (and the symptoms were mild).



To sum up: crunch on celeriac often to:


♣  have titanium-strong teeth and bones (well, maybe a little less than that)

♣  have a sufficient number of red blood cells to oxygenate your whole body. So that you feel vibrant

♣  feel replenished after physical activities

♣  have more energy without increasing your food intake

♣  stay flu-free






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