This Whale Was Killed by Plastic

By that same plastic that we use every day. Yes, me and promote death. Indirectly, but we do. Say ‘No’ do the death of whales and other creatures by using less sandwich bags, wrapping, drinking straws, etc. Start by using less drinking straws, for example. It’s estimated, that on average, in the West, a single … [Read more…]

You’re missing out by not using this raw vegan protein powder: My Review on Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated Anti-Inflammatory

This Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated Anti-Inflammatory protein powder is indeed perfect if you are looking to gain muscles, lose unwanted pounds AND at the same time protect yourself from chronic conditions. So, you are killing three birds with one stone, so to say. Although I’d say feeding three birds from one bird feeder 🙂 The … [Read more…]