Quit thinking this and you won’t get sick

Quit thinking this and you won't get sick

White blood cell (yellow) engulfing a potentially lethal anthrax bacteria (red). White blood cells and some other cells are our immune system.

Don’t be afraid that you can get sick.

By not thinking that you can get sick, you reduce your chances of getting sick to zero (or close to that)!

It makes sense. When you stress and worry about your health, your body is in the ‘flight or fight’ response. All blood and body energy go to your extremities. This leaves little for your internal organs, and therefore your immune system.


What happens of you are in frequent stress and fear of disease?

If you are constantly in the ‘flight or fight’ response, your immune system doesn’t get maintained. Therefore, you are highly vulnerable to pathogens, toxin build-up,¬†plaques – in other words – diseases.

Watch Dr. Bruce Lipton explain it beautifully and simple:

I’ve stumbled across Dr. Bruce Lipton’s YouTube videos about three weeks ago. His findings come from his great teachers. Cells in a Petri dish.

Cells converted him from a ‘doer’ atheist to a believer in God!

Without a shadow of the doubt, I can say that this individual’s contribution to humanity is enormous and sacred.

Feel his energy from the screen

I’d highly suggest you watch a few of his videos. Your thinking may change. And therefore, your life may change, in the fascinating and positive way. Watch Bruce’s message on love and self-love.

His background:

He is an American developmental biologist  (a study of how cells change as you move from an embryo to a newborn). A researcher. A man behind epigenetics. A former professor of anatomy.

Main references:


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