Raw vegan dessert recipe – very filling, with surprise ingredient


Who is fond of simplicity? Simplicity is a step away form ingenuity. The same applies to this raw vegan dessert recipe – it is simple, quick and filling for hours.


You will need

  • Teff grain flour or ground teff seeds
  • Water
  • Berries
  • Raw honey or dates


You can use teff flour, however, if you purchase teff seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder right before preparing the dessert, the delicious taste and aroma of the flour will be more pronounced.

Take one part of raw teff flour and one part of filtered water, berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries) and blend the mixture in a blender. Add some raw honey or dates to taste and blend again. Finally, throw whole blueberries into the mixture, cool it and enjoy the life!



A little bit about teff


Raw vegan dessert recipe – very filling, with surprise ingredient - teffTeff grain is very filling due to found in it resistant starch, recently discovered type of fermentable starch (all starches are complex carbohydrates). Besides leaving you gastronomically satisfied, teff gives you an energy boost enhancing physical endurance. As a matter of fact, elite Ethiopian marathon runners eat it on a daily basis. So, it is great as a pre-workout food. Personally, I lunch on it 3-5 days per week and can confirm its appetite-curbing and energy-giving qualities.

Teff is perfectly delightful in raw form. Actually, if cooked, its taste changes drastically – becomes dull to the point of being tasteless. Most importantly, teff is not harmful in raw form. If you eat it sparingly, it does not even need to be soaked. That is because its level of antinutrients such as phytic acid (lots of it found in wheat and rye) and saponins (found in quinoa) is lower than in most grains and pseudograins.

There is a good chance that you have never tried this grain before or it’s the first time you hear about it. You might also wonder what is resistant starch…

In the next post I will chat about this lilliputian grain and the starch.



Raw vegan dessert recipe – very filling, with surprise ingredient - whole teffWhere to buy teff grain


Usually you can buy teff in places where Bob’s Red Mill products are sold. Although Bob’s Red Mill teff is not organic the quality is very good. It’s available in two forms – as a whole grain and as a flour.

However, your best bet is health foods stores as most of them carry it, usually in organic form and sometimes in bulk. Also, some African stores might have the grain as well.

If you want to buy teff in bulk, Calyx.com offers both – whole grain and flour (25 lb or 11.3 kg each)


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