Shungite, dogs, cats, and other animals (another question-answer post)


Shungite, dogs, cats, and other animals (another question-answer) - cool pupLast fall (time flies!) I chatted about a plain-looking rock. Proven to heal humans. It’s called shungite. Dogs, cats, and other animals can feel better with its help too actually.

Now, about a month ago one lady asked how to go about shungite water when trying to give it to her small dog. I guess she decided to try it on her doggie because she benefited from the rock herself.

Many people have pets, so I thought sharing the answer with everyone is a good idea.



Hi Margarita, I truly appreciate your article on shungite water.

I am new to this awesome stone. It has helped me tremendously with pain. I wear a shungite bracelet and carry an elite noble in my bra. The first few days, I experienced a slight headache and I am sure I was detoxing bad energy and I noticed that I had an overall well-being feeling which continues to last.

My question now though pertains to how much shungite water to give my Shit Zhu/Maltese, she weighs, 7 lbs and her water bowl holds two cups… I drink the shungite water, I have a 1 liter glass container with nuggets of the elite noble. Should I put a nugget in her water bowl? I read on another site that pets can tolerate 3 nuggets in their bowl…what do you suggest?




My reply:


I just love hearing that! So cool it banishes the pain you are experiencing. I wonder what is a source of pain…

I surfed Russian search engines for a while, and unfortunately could not find any recommendations on shungite dose for pets. Just read stories of owners telling that their cats, horses, dogs when given a choice between shungite, filtered, rain, spring or well water, choose the first. Also, I was able to find a couple studies conducted on animals. For example, when given shungite water or fullerene-containing substances, lab animals with cancer live twice as long, chickens have larger eggs, pets less often contract parasites and enjoy a greater tolerance to infections. As a reminder, shungite contains fullerenes. A fullerene is a rare form of carbon; in nature it’s found in tiny amounts. Also, one site recommended introducing shnugite water to pets gradually. Since your dog is tiny and thus more vulnerable than larger dog breeds, sudden intense cleansing mechanisms can make her sick. Hence, introducing shungite water gradually makes sense in your case.

To make shungite water for my Standard Poodle I use the same amount of stones as for myself but put twice or three times as much water. He is about 55 pounds. I don’t put shungite directly in his bowl but in a separate glass jar. The stones are there all the time. I just clean the jar and the stones about once a week. I recently met a poodle breeder and she was surprised to hear that he is seven years old. She said that he has an excellent physique. Of course, that’s not only because of that. Besides, he was drinking this water for less than a year. But still. Regarding shungite amount or concentration, I don’t see why not try the same approach with your Shit Zhu/Maltese.



Just in case, to be on the safe side, what you may want to do is this:


1. Give her water with 25% shungite water for one week. Prepare shungite water the same way as you would for yourself, but add 2-3 times more water.

2. Then, in a week, give her a choice. Fill one bowl with whatever water she usually has and the other bowl with 25% shungite water. Animals naturally sense what their body needs. Think of this as an “instinct of health”. Humans can’t compete with animals in this regard. If she chooses shungite water then start giving her it.

3. Gradually make it to be a 100% shungite water. The author of this book on shungite gave his cat a week to get used to a 100% shungite water. Shit Zhu/Maltese is about the same weight, so give her about a week to adjust as well.



Also, I dug through western articles dealing with shungite effects on animals


And found this US paper. It lists carbon-60 fullerene (C60) as one of the anti-aging supplements to give to animals (including doggies). Remember that shungite is a source of fullerenes, and this is mentioned in the article as well. Consensus from both sides is always good.

If you need any clarification, let me know.

Wish you and your little one a splendid feeling of health!



That’s my thoughts on Verna’s question.

As you can see shungite was created to care not only about ourselves, humans.

If you feel like your four-legged or feathery one needs a health fix, and you want to do it with shungite water, go ahead. Just do it slowly. They will tell you whether they need it or not. Try to follow the above approach or something similar and see how this all turns out.

I would really appreciate hearing all kinds of stories on that. Did you notice any changes in their coat, skin? Do they seem like they are enjoying life more? Thanks in advance, people!






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