Tender no-bake berry pie. And you don’t need to dehydrate it for long!


This no-bake berry pie rocks (never liked the word but fits here) for two reasons. First, you can make it of any thickness you want. Need 2 inches? Sure. Second, when ready, you can cut it into pieces of nearly any thinness you want (provided that the berries are not on the way). In this regard, it’s very similar to a cheesecake. Plus, in much the same way, it’s tender, smooth, moist, and quite dense. And last but not the least – it’s crazy how long it will keep you full! And notice, with minimal calories. You can thank resistance starch for that. For this reason, here is my advice – take time savoring it. As you will be full before you can tell it with your stomach. Otherwise, your digestion may suffer. That’s the side effect of too much of this amazing pie 😉

In the recent weeks, I’ve been intensively experimenting with green bananas. So the recipe is pretty young. For your info, green bananas store impressive amounts of resistant starch. In Africa, people make all kinds of baked and savory dishes from them. They are much cheaper (and I would say more nutritious) than wheat, which is quite handy on that poor continent.




Tender no-bake berry pie. And you don’t need to dehydrate it for long too - whole




Per two servings you need:

  • 3 green bananas
  • 3 tsp of coconut flour
  • 3 tsp of potato starch
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp of baking soda
  • 1/3 cup of berries
  • 1 tbsp of raw honey (to sweeten)







1. Peel (use a knife if you need to) and blend green bananas

2. In a bowl, mix blended bananas, coconut flour (there is a raw version available), potato starch, coconut oil, and baking soda. To make the pie sweet as all pies should be, put raw honey in. I didn’t add honey as I wanted the pie to be a little bland. A potato starch..? You want unmodified potato starch. Such as the one by Bob’s Red Mill. Heat is not applied when extracting starch from raw potatoes, meaning that temperature-wise unmodified potato starch is a raw product

3. Stir in any whole berries. If you have frozen ones on hand, thaw them first (to remove excess water)

4. After you are done mixing everything the dough should be firm enough to almost completely hold its shape

5. Then slightly grease the dehydrating dish with coconut oil. But if you ask me, the pie should come out nicely anyways, thanks to green bananas. Put your dough in there. Like I noted above, you can make it of any height you want. How can you afford that and still have the pie “cooked”? Starch in green bananas, again, saves the day. Because of it, the pie mainly solidifies due to warmth and time, and less due to escapement of water

6. Dehydrate. About 4 hours does it




Pick the greenest bananas


Here is one critical moment. You want to choose the greenest bananas possible. In such bananas starch has not been converted to sugars yet. Starch in green bananas is what makes this pie a pie! It holds all the ingredients together! There should be no indication of yellowing on your bananas. A good test that you’ve got a right banana – you can hardly peel it or can’t peel it at all. Once again, overall, starch in green bananas is what makes the pie possible. Potato starch and coconut flour are there just to give it a slightly “bready” feel. And besides berries, you can  throw in whatever you can think of. As long as it’s not too watery. For example, pieces of apples or pears will do. Watermelons won’t 😉


If more than two people feel like a pie, stick to this magical ratio:


1 green banana : 1 tsp* of potato starch : 1 tsp of coconut flour


* Bear in mind that you want a relatively flat teaspoon, not a heaping one


It’s important not to overdo on both, potato starch and coconut flour. Isolated potato starch is even higher in resistant starch than green bananas. Which may give you a heavy feeling in your guts. While coconut flour may burden the digestion with its high fiber content. Other than that, practice the golden rule of moderation, and you will reap only the gorgeous sides of this pie.




Tender no-bake berry pie. And you don’t need to dehydrate it for long too - pieces

The ruby things & yellow seeds are goji berries. From my mom’s garden. Did you know that they can grow in such refrigerator as Alberta? I had no idea. The refrigerator is pretty sunny though, mercy Nature.






tsp – teaspoon
tbsp – tablespoon




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