This “coconut boy” is raw vegan since birth (and can do some impressive things)


The boy lives in Australia. He is unique in several ways. What’s most fascinating is that since birth he thrives mostly on coconuts. Also, since birth he had nothing but coconuts, fruits and other raw produce. Raw vegan since birth! Very rare. There is a very tiny chance of meeting someone like him in the entire lifetime! Especially in the western countries.



His story


Watch him telling his story. If you are in a hurry, here I draw out a couple points from the video:


  • for his age (19 years old) his muscles are quite developed. This is without a gram of meat. And without protein powder and… don’t even want to mention the ugly stuff… steroids


  • with what ease he does handstand walks and climbs those palms! He even says that his father who is 65 can climb trees better than him!


  • in this video he is still a teenager. Do you see any signs of acne? Not a zit on his face. Unclear skin during puberty is considered normal in western society. Want to know something? Puberty and pimples should not go together. This is not natural. It’s a sign that a body is out of balance. Healthy teenagers have a few pimples at the most


  • his eyes do look a bit tired. The reason might be as simple as not enough sleep on the day of the video. Other than that I think he is an ideal picture of health and human physical capabilities





I’m sure Buddy gave you some food for thought. And action 🙂

At the very least why not do yourself a favor: free up a little space for coconuts! Be easy on those store-bought raw vegan dressings, chocolate bars, dehydrated breads, etc.

Those who read my posts know that I love coconuts. Every part of them. And in any form – coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut cream, shredded meat. The water is refreshing and beautifully quenches thirst. It’s full of electrolytes to replenish you after an exercise. The meat successfully curbs hunger. It’s rich in detoxifying fiber and splendid fats. Not to mention that every part of coconut tastes divine. One coconut is 1500-2000 calories. That’s enough calories to last you a whole day! There is 2 in 1 – a truly perfect drink and a truly perfect meal. The drink and meal are securely wrapped in the heat- and moisture-withstanding package for you. Coconuts are easy to grow, easy to store, cheap. I cannot quit admiring how incredibly generous the Nature is!

Before I forget: fresh coconuts have a little phytic acid relative to other caloric things like nuts and seeds.



The easy and delicious way to get coconut meat out 


Try to get coconut meat out like this:


  • Drain the water
  • Wrap your coconut in some fabric and break it into pieces with something heavy (hammer is perfect)
  • Then put the pieces out into the sun. Give them a few days. As meat dries out it shrinks and shrivels. And thus it becomes easier to break it off piece by piece with your fingers or spoon


That’s a caveman method but works.

Also, because water evaporates the meat becomes more oily and tastes richer. I like it more this way. I also feel that it’s more filling this way as well. Which makes sense.

And I just found out that a coconut dried out this way is called copra.

Let your coconut catch the energy of the sun and see how you like the resulting copra!



This coconut boy from Australia is raw vegan since birth - copra and clover

Almost done eating it






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