Vegetarian, craving meat. Is it you?


Vegetarian, craving meat. Is it you

Meat…  No aesthetics whatsoever

Sad truth about you: vegetarian, craving meat, don’t know why. Moreover, you are close to being a raw vegan or already one. What’s wrong?

When someone is a step away from a raw vegan way of living or already embraced it, usually their passion for meat is over. But once in a blue moon you may want it and badly. That’s a craving and with some efforts it can be tackled without sliding off the diet. Worse, if you want it every single day. Then I am afraid it’s not a craving. It’s a meat-eating habit that you didn’t conquer. Harder to deal with. Maybe, first, put efforts towards breaking the habit once and for all or near that, and then look in the direction of raw veganism?

Okay, so you haven’t had meat for months. Yet, all of sudden meat is a centre of your life. You know it’s a craving but what to do about it? It depends what is it exactly you crave.


  • If you crave pure unseasoned piece of chicken or pork, then you may lack a nutrient. Either protein or iron.


  • If you crave any kind of meat, then most likely joy is what you really need. Meat and protein in general triggers the production of dopamine. This molecule is associated with pleasure zones in the brain. That’s why when you eat a finely cooked chicken you may feel on top of the world.


  • Lastly, if you crave a specific meat dish, then you may be longing for the past. Let’s say when you were a kid, for dinners, you had soup with cute meatballs. Your Grandma made it with her loving hands. Now the humble meatballs have the power to bring you back to those times. The times when you were pampered with unconditional love and attention, and that’s why you want them desperately.


Again, if you want meat constantly, that’s self-explanatory – meat-eating habit still haunts you. Nothing to be surprised at, you have been eating meat all your life and now a morning bacon is replaced with a “very healthy smoothie”. No doubt, you gut and brain will often rise and create mini-revolutions.

Dig into yourself and see if your desire fits into the above categories. As everything in life, it’s not all black and white, it might be a mix of two or more.

Once you have landed on something, wait until next article. I’ll come up with solutions to fight the return of meat!





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