1. Hakan

    Thanks for the very informative article. So if I get this right… in order to get vitamin b12 you have to eat what exactly? Is it through animal foods or through vegetables? I actually think I used to take vitamin b12 back when I was a teenager for my acne… and it made it all diseapear, may be thats another benefit aswell ;p

    • Margarita

      Thanks for dropping by Hakan. No matter what your diet is, whether you eat animal products or not, you will get more vitamin B12 if you eat raw products.

      If you are on a meat-based diet – your best option is to eat raw egg yolks (raw meat, even fish and shellfish is not for appealing for many)

      If you are a vegan – your best option is eat organic greens and vegetables in slightly unwashed form (so that traces of soil are left on them, better from your own garden then)

      In Vitamin B12 and vegans: How to get vitamin B12 I go into details about the best sources of vitamin B12 for both groups – those who eat animal products and those who don’t. Check it out!

      I guess your acne healed due to improved metabolism of fats after introduction of the vitamin. Congrats!

  2. Jackie

    I read your post with great interest, since I don’t eat a lot of meat. Then I read your B12 Deficiency list and I thought ‘oh! look at that…mental confusion… Lack of B12 is my problem’ lol… kidding…

    But can’t you effectively supplement B12? It’s sublingual right? I think mine includes Folic Acid. I’ve been supplementing to avoid anemia for years. I think it’s working. 🙂

    • Margarita

      You are funny Jackie 😉

      Sure, you can supplement. In fact, this is only supplement that is recommended for vegans and raw vegans; many do take it as its deficiency is pretty dangerous.

      It comes in different forms: as a sublingual tablet, as a capsule, in patches and even in injections. Your choice. You just need to avoid the synthetic version of vitamin B12 – cyanocobalamin. Look for methycobalamin which is naturally synthesized by B12 bacteria. Without knowing the brand of the vitamin B12 you are taking it’s hard to say whether it’s natural or not. Check it, should say on a bottle.

      Even if you did eat lot of meat, it doesn’t mean you would have plenty of the vitamin. Read Vitamin B12 and vegans: Are animal products reliable sources? and you will see why.

      There are also other ways you can get this vitamin (one is weird), check it out here.

      Hope it’s clear. Have a nice day!

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